Free Felling

Tree Felling

As a result of a dead, dying, diseases, dangerous or outgrown within its position. Large or small trees dismantles/takedowns.

We are happy to apply for planning for any trees that are covered by the following T.P.Os, Conservation Areas

Crow Lifting

Crown Lifting

Removing the lower branches/ limbs to allow for vehicle or pedestrian access or to allow more light.

Crown Thininig

Crown Thinning

Removing thiner branches evenly through the tree to ensure even growth for both aesthetics, maintenance and sunlight.

Tree Surgeon

Crown Reduction

Reducing upper most part of the crown evenly to allow for better growth, aesthetics, maintenance, sunlight or utility wires and building proximity.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Reduction and Pruning

Ongoing general hedge maintenance and shaping.